Meet the Candidates Forum – a fantastic evening with the candidates!

Thank you to all the candidates who attended this evening’s forum. Channel 3 filmed a good portion of the evening, so perhaps we made the news! The following races were represented:

US Senate – Dan Carter and Richard Lion
US Representative District 1 – Matthew Corey
US Representative District 3  – Angel Cadena
State Senator District 9 – Paul Doyle
State Senator District 13 – Dante Bartolomeo and Len Suzio
State Representative District 33 – Joseph Serra and Linda Szynkiwicz
State Representative District 100 – Matt Lesser
Middletown Registrar of Voters – David Bauer

The audience had great questions and the candidates were well behaved. It was a great evening and a privilege to watch democracy in action. Thank you all!

Meet the Candidates Forum – Monday, October 24th

The following candidates will be attending the Meet the Candidates Forum held in the Third Congregational Church’s Fellowship Hall (94 Miner Street in Middletown). The Forum will begin at approximately 7:30pm, following the WRA’s Annual Meeting.

US Senate: Dan Carter (R) and Richard Lion (Libertarian)
US Representative District 1: Matthew Corey (R)
US Representative District 3: Angel Cadena (R)
State Senate District 9: Paul Doyle (D)
State Senate District 13: Dante Bartolomeo (R) and Len Suzio (R)
State Rep. District 33: Linda Szynkowicz (R)
State Rep. District 100: Matt Lesser (D) and Anthony Moran (R)
Middletown Registrar of Voters: David Bauer (R)