Upcoming Westfield Events and Important Public Safety News

I did not want to wait for the upcoming newsletter to get this information out to you. We’ve had to change the date of the Annual Meeting, there are some events happening in Westfield, and then there is an issue of concern to pass along. Please pass along to your neighbors and friends as you see fit.

Important upcoming events:
1. The WRA Annual Meeting and Meet the Candidates Night will be Monday, October 30 at 7pm in Fellowship Hall at the Third Congregational Church on Miner Street. This is a change from the original date of October 23rd due to a scheduling conflict with Fellowship Hall. More information to come on this event shortly.
2. The Third Congregational Church is hosting a free Westfield Community Carnival the weekend of October 6, 7 & 8. More information is available here. (If the link doesn’t work at first, the website is westfieldcarnival.com or google search Westfield Community Carnival. I had to refresh my browser to get it to work, but it is approaching the time in the afternoon when my internet does not work…).
3. The Westfield Fire Department is hosting its annual Fire Prevention Open House on Saturday, October 14 from 10am – 2pm. This event isn’t just for small children who like to tour fire trucks! Stop in and say hello to the fantastic crew and see what important safety issues you should know as we head into the fall and winter seasons.
Important Public Safety Warning:
One of the WRA members living on Higby Rd. reported being approached a few weeks ago by a man claiming to represent a solar company. He showed a letter, supposedly from the State of CT, saying that residents would be fined for not having solar panels on their homes. The WRA member turned the individual away, but did not report it to the police at the time. Beware – this is a scam and any similar activity should be reported to the Middletown Police non-emergency number at 860-347-2541.
The same WRA member was also approached this week by a man wanting handyman work, but who didn’t leave any contact name or number.
Please be aware of strange vehicles or people in your neighborhoods and promptly report suspicious people or behaviors to the police. There have been a number of car break-ins in Berlin over the summer, and last week, a homeowner near Country Club Rd. and Bell Street interrupted a similar event at about 12:45am while letting the family pet out.
The WRA Executive Committee will be meeting in early October before the Annual Meeting, so if you have issues or concerns to pass along, please do so.
Thanks and see you all soon!